The Girl With Two Jobs

I have two jobs.

I’m also a full-time engineering student (I average 17 hours a semester).

I am this. I am that.

God really put it on my heart the other day in the cereal aisle that these don’t define me.

The cereal aisle is a weird place for a revelation, I know. But it took me 20 minutes to pick a cereal this week. That’s crazy, I know. Especially for the full-time student with two jobs who is on top of her life. Or supposedly. That’s what I hear when I say that I’m doing all of this, and doing well at it.

The reality is, my life is not all together. I’m still broken. I’m still struggling to get it all done. Every day I collapse into my bed, exhausted, and maybe even a little mad at myself for keeping myself so dang busy. Sometimes I go to the grocery store, and I just can’t figure out what kind of cereal I want this week. Or do I really want cereal? Who knows.

I’m not really on top of it, I’m just scoot-scooting by. And that is 100% perfectly okay.

Jesus tells me I don’t have to have it all together, or be on top of it. Jesus tells me, “I knew you couldn’t do everything perfectly, so I died for you. I did the hard part. Now bring your broken and let Me make it beautiful.”

That’s what I strive to do every day. Bring my broken to Jesus, and let Him paint a picture that is so much bigger and better than anything I could do.

I’m not the girl that has two jobs. I’m not the 17 credit hours.

This whole thing isn’t about me.

I’m a servant.

Doing everything I can for the God that picked me up and saved me.

Doing everything to point to the grace He so freely gives, the open arms He extends to all of us.

I hope I do Him well.


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