God’s Unexpected Ways

You never really know how God is using you. Not in the middle of it, at least.

When I left Progression Sunday and left Baton Rouge to head home, my sweet sweet community group gave me a card. I cried for the first time in two weeks about having to move when I opened it.

My card was full of kind, genuine words from the people that wrote in it. It wasn’t simple pleasantries or well-wishes, but paragraphs of what I meant to them and our time together. A common theme running throughout was joy: bringing joy and challenging people to live more joyfully.

The funny thing is, I never realized I did any of that. I knew what I had learned throughout the past year and how all of these people had challenged me to grow closer to God, but I never realized I could be challenging them as well. I never knew I was bringing joy, because most of the time I walked in a mess from class and tests and just the stress I was under. It was so heart-warming to see what my new family had to say about me and to me. It was so beautiful to see how God had used me this past year, even though when I came to Baton Rouge I was only at the very beginning of my faith journey.

Don’t give up. You might not know what He’s doing now, but one day you’ll see it. God uses all of us in unexpected ways to do really cool things. If you’re like me, the cool things will be a surprise even to you.